Comprehensive Energy Services in North America

About Us

Solomon Energy Services is an organization which services the needs of drilling sites across the country. At present, the majority of the company's efforts are centered on the Marcellus Shale which encompasses areas of Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Specifically, the company is focused on the southern sector of the Marcellus. Solomon Energy Services has built the relationships necessary to secure long-term customer relationships with the leading players in the Marcellus Shale, which is expected to be the largest natural gas field in the US.

Through a process of relationship building and careful capital expansion, Solomon created a number of other entities focused on specific services with Solomon retaining the key BOP market. Collectively, these entities operate under the name Solomon Energy Services.
The company provides a large breadth of services to the drilling rigs across the region. Projects to date have encompassed everything from critical blowout preventer testing and maintenance to trash collection and remediation of oil spills.

As the needs of the customers have evolved, so have the products and services offered by Solomon Energy Services. At its most basic, the company exists to serve the oil and gas rigs in whatever capacity is required. In the future, the company will increase its focus on equipment leasing and the all critical blowout preventer (including leasing of preventers, maintenance and repair).

The staff of Solomon Energy Services is highly experienced and has exceptional training; the company's safety record is outstanding (no significant incidents. Finally, the company's overall competent, reliable hard work has produced significant good will and a reputation for reliability and credibility that represents a significant barrier to entry for others.
The company is also highly diversified, both in terms of services and clients. The expansion into equipment rental also helps to solidify the company's reputation as the "go-to" supplier of choice at the rig level.