Solomon Energy Services is one of the premier comprehensive energy services companies in North America. Solomon Energy Services operates in a key position in the Marcellus Shale, the second largest and most expansive shale play on earth. We provide exceptional efficiency and safety in the following services areas: BOP Testing, Nipple Ups and Downs; Stack Lifting; Hydraulic Torque Services; Oilfield Containment installation, maintenance, and disposal; Oilfield equipment leasing; Oilfield Environmental Remediation; pole truck services; frac tank cleaning; oilfield mud truck hauling; and roustabout services.

Safety is our highest priority!

At Solomon Energy Services safety is our first priority. Protecting the health and safety of people and the public; preserving the environment; and preventing damage to property are absolutely essential goals.

We are members of ISNetworld and have an outstanding safety record with zero recordable OSHA lost time accidents.

You call, we respond

Our experienced crews and specialized equipment are available 24/7/365 whenever and wherever you need them. One of our fundamental goals is to help you reduce downtime and keep a drilling operation running safely and smoothly.

  • BOP pressure testing
  • Stack lifting services
  • Hydraulic torquing services
  • Casing cutting services
  • Pumping services
  • Rig up/down services
  • Rental tools
  • Hydraulic rig up trucks and gin truck services
  • Frac trees and valves
  • Torque and Bolting Equipment

Our large inventory of specialized hydraulic torque wrenches and power pack units (hydraulic pumps) ensure high-speed operation and optimum field productivity. We use top quality, reliable hydraulic torque wrenches.

You can rely on Solomon Energy Services for testing and torquing of production trees, lubricators and flowback manifolds, plus a complete line of rental pumps and equipment for completion services.

Keeping Pressure Under Control

Keeping downhole pressures under control means increasing safety and decreasing downtime. Strategically situated service centers maintain large inventories of high-pressure iron, piping, fittings and other crucial equipment. And knowledgeable technicians and managers are ready to advise and serve your drilling and production needs in a hurry.

Solomon Energy Servicesí high-pressure production services include:

  • Testing 
  • Torquing 
  • Pumping Bolting and flange management 
  • Hot bolting 
  • Slot-recovery support services
  • Oilfield Containment

Solomon Energy Services provides construction, installation, repair and removal of containment liners. Our crews are experienced professionals who are well trained in safety procedures. In addition to providing containment systems, Solomon Energy Services Spill Response is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on site monitoring and emergency spill cleanup. Spill containment and cleanup is a key component for responsibly developing the Marcellus shale region. We are a company you can rely on to meet that responsibility.

Solomon Energy Services Spill Response is widely respected among industry operators and has earned its reputation as one of the finest environmental services providers in the region. Companies working in the Marcellus Shale have a unique opportunity to contribute to the production of an important domestic energy resource while also working to protect our environment.

Roustabout Services

Our crews have years of experience, extensive training and an enviable safety record. We provide complete roustabout services including:

  • Backhoe service
  • Gear box filtration
  • Pumping unit lubrication
  • Bobcat with bucket
  • Backhoe
  • Pickup with driver
  • Welder